1. These were in font of Kino Šiška.

  2. Third day in Ljubljana. I had the feeling I knew already all the streets of the city center and that I spent already too much time hanging out at Metelkova. I remembered that the last time I was in Belgrade K. wrote me the name of some cool places to visits in big cities of former Yugoslavia. So my third day in Ljubljana I took the bus and I went to Kino Šiška.

  3. Inside Jalla Jalla, at Metelkova, in Ljubljana.

  4. Ljubljana, October 2013. The first night I went to Metelkova, looking for a concert or something similar. A guy told me that there was nothing going on that night, but a concert was planned for the day after. And he invited me inside the bar for a beer. The bar was really small and I tried to imagine how a whole band could fit inside. I went back the day after and I saw this loud punk band from England, I think. They had giant amplifier and the audience was crowed but we all perfectly fit in.

  5. Ljubljana, October 2013. This was the backyard of a house next to my hostel. The hostel was outside the center and a bit complicated to find. I asked people for help. Some of them spoke only Slovenian and I was glad I could understand them a bit. When I found the hostel, I realized it was not as nice as I expected it to be. I moved to another one the day after. 

  6. Ljubljana, September 2013. I woke up in Graz, in a room with four other people, a.k.a. C+C=Maxigross. The house was full of posters of bands from the 90s. The guys left for Verona, I had breakfast with Thomas. We talked about health insurance and DIY promotion. He walked me to the supermarket, where I bought something to eat and some films. Then I took the train for Ljubljana. I was really excited because I was travelling alone for the first time. Once there, the weather was really bad and I felt a bit lonely after four days with a band. But the city was nice and cute and full of dragons.

  7. Once my dad built a kind of chair on the bow of the boat. Since then this is my favorite spot, even if now I’m older and bigger and it’s not as confortable as when I was younger and tiny. Still, I can sit there, look at the water and have the feeling that I’m flying. Yes, a bit like in Titanic.

  8. I can’t find a story for this picture.

  9. Rovigno, August 2013. The fact that everybody was speaking Serbo-Croatian around me made me feel really close to Belgrade and I started to miss all my friends there. I had the feeling they were closer, maybe somebody of them was even there, in Croatia. Maybe K. was there.

    "That’s really stupid Anita. How can they be in Rovigno? It’s not so close to Belgrade. Stop daydreaming!"

    Later I connected to Wi-Fi and I saw that K. posted a picture of Rovigno. We were there, at the same time. My feeling was true. But I was already in Cittanova and I didn’t dare to write him, to add a single word about it. I was already quite sad.

  10. Video / Ö.F. - A Laughable Self Defence

    I’m really happy to interrupt the photo loop posting a video of the new project of my friend Olli, who played in some awesome band, including one of my favorite band ever, Fake P.

    This new creature is called Ö.F. and the album will be out in September for Black Lodge. Gianlorenzo talks about it on Frigopop.

    Tons of hearts.